Anemone Hug Interactive is a video game studio founded in 2015 based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We're passionate about games! Games for fun, and games for learning. We're excited to be developing our first major game based on our original IP slated for release in 2021.

We do work for everyone from AAA studios, large IT brands, mid-size agencies, to scrappy indie studios. We have experienced creatives to help direct, develop, or produce content for your entertainment or educational games, or help with marketing or strategy for your digital products. Reach out, we're here to help!

We provide a wide variety of services to our clients

Graphics/Rendering Programming

Performance optimization

Engine, AI, and Gameplay Programming

Porting and Certification for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4

Development in Unity, Unreal, Phyre, and custom engines

Concept-to-Deployment Web Development

Full Service Game Development

Creative Direction and Strategy

Game and UX Design

Art Direction and Concept Development

Illustration and Marketing Key Art

3D Modeling and Particle Effects

Business Analysis and Consultation

Launch Strategy Consultation

Launch As A Service

Branding - Development, Strategy, and Compliance

Anemone Hug Interactive has worked on

Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted Edition is an unforgiving new style of fighting game. It is a fast-paced, strategic, and addictive PVP experience staged in a stylized Spaghetti Western universe of outlaws and bounty hunters.

In a world where puzzles are built from memories and dreams, explore impossible and mysterious spaces that transform around you. FORM takes you on a journey only possible in virtual reality. Whether opening mysterious cubes or creating shapes and patterns of pure energy, make use of the dexterity, manipulation, and tactile sensation only possible with motion controls.

The Team

CTO & Technical Director
Chris Cudahy is an industry veteran with decades of experience developing PC and Console games. He really sucks at writing bio's. he/them
CEO & Creative Director
Christopher is a proud father and award winning creative director who is really passionate about making compelling experiences. He probably plays too much Rocket League. he/him
Financial Controller
Manon has a strong background in finance and just moved to Vancouver from France. She is a zero-waste and sustainability enthusiast and her favourite video game is Journey. she/her
Lead Concept Artist
Kim is a concept artist, illustrator, and daughter of archaeologists. Her work is driven from an early desire to understand the world, its history, and find fantastical ways to innovate on it. She probably knows more about whiskey than you. she/her
Senior Concept Artist
Graeme McCormack is a concept artist and illustrator living and working in Vancouver. He's worked previously on Age of Empires 4, The Dawn of War franchise, and Halo. Builds tables and climbs rocks in spare time. he/him
Game Designer
Ryan is a jack-of-all-trades with a background in design, illustration, and English literature. He enjoys the New Weird, making comics, and playing World of Warcraft as a single-player game. he/him
Senior Programmer
Chris has been consumed by game-dev since 16 bits seemed like plenty. A game director and programmer with Sony for many years, he now enjoys indie development and helping to raise a new generation of gamers. he/him.
Carol is a software developer who still uses pen and paper. She prefers watching video games over playing them and has a strong love for background events. She is the type to repeat a clip over and over again and never be tired of it. she/her
Tim is an academic and software developer with a background in technical theatre, Sanskrit Digital Humanities, and DevOps. He loves learning, making things, art games, and cats (among too many other things to list). he/him
Ahmed is a being that thrives on creating things. Trained as a computer scientist in the hot lands of Arabia, only to realize his passion for research and design in the cold North. He loves coffee, books, and cats! he/him
3D Artist
Ira is specialized in 3D art creation for games. She takes pride in her great attention to detail, and the quality of work she produces. She is very open-minded, and dedicated to learn and grow as an artist. she/her
3D Character Artist
Aleah is an artist who loves working on all types of art, especially art for games. She enjoys playing all sorts of games that have a rich visual aesthetic and is always trying to learn from them in her own work. She loves coffee, her family and her dog Midna. she/her
Emma is an avid planner and professional cat herder, with a background in fashion design. She has a passion for story-driven games, tabletop RPGs, and beautifully tailored clothing. She probably spends too much time playing Overwatch. she/her
Junior Producer
Jen is a producer with a background in graphic design and web development. She enjoys horror movies, true crime and comic books, or any hobby she can do with her dog curled up on her lap. she/her
Senior Graphic Designer
Zen is a merchant of bad puns and game enthusiast who enjoys everything from looter-shooters to narrative adventures to tabletop. They love dogs, pro-wrestling, and probably care more about glyphs and typography than a normal person. they/them
Graphic Designer
Joelle specializes in branding and art direction. Fascinated by stories, she finds joy in using her creative skills to help tell them. Designing for social good, collaboration, and grilled cheese sandwiches are just a few things that keep her grooving. she/her
Rachel, aka "Tuna", is an illustrator, product designer and published comic artist. Definitely drinks too much coffee and spends a lot of time thinking about cats. she/her
Lindsay is an award winning comic artist, and is the author of How Baby, a weekly comic about motherhood and identity. She's a nerd for tabletop and video gaming, cooking, geography, art books, and internet culture. she/her
Composer & Musician
Claire has a passion for creating music rich in narrative and atmosphere, and has arranged string parts for award winning albums. She draws inspiration from her extensive knowledge of world and folk music, and loves walking in nature, dancing, and making homemade barista drinks. she/her
Sound Designer
Beatrix specializes in immersive, story-oriented sound design and music. She collaborates with creators to develop powerful and emotionally-charged audio environments. she/her
Chief Cuddling Officer
Mataji is a reasonably large bear whose primary duties include cuddling, naps, and morale. she/her

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